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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Oh no! Not another wine blog!

Welcome to Sonoma County, California!

Why this blog is here -- and why it's a bit different from most:

What is the Current State of the California Wine Industry (mostly the Sonoma/Napa region)? And how much does it really matter? I mean, people are losing their jobs in the economic mess or their lives in the political mess we're in. So I won't take this too seriously if you don't.

I believe it should be light-hearted as I'm in this biz mostly because it's fun; NOT for the money (trust me on that one).

My perspective is one of being a consumer since about 1980 and working in tasting rooms on-and-off since the mid-80s. There have been many changes, mostly good, but not always. Though I work in the local wine biz I'm not mentioning who I work for nor will I talk about them in this blog to avoid any hint of commercialism.

My plan, for now, isn't to be another list of tasting notes until I run out of other stuff to talk about. And it's not just about Sonoma County, though that's what I know best.