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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Wine terms you may misinterpret

Some of these terms refer to making wine and others to the important part, drinking it, but all are obscure and need defining to make your wine enjoyment better.

Aggressive wine - It's threatening and you have a right to shoot.

Appellation - The mountains where the hillbillies live in North Carolina and Tennessee.

Backbone - What you wish your boss had.

Bottle shock - An over $60 wine.

Bud break - In the spring the new shoots come out so the grape grower celebrates with a Bud break.

Bunghole - No, it's not what you think.

Corked - You opened the bottle up. Unless it was a cheap screw cap wine then the term is Screwed.

Cultured Yeast - Yeast that grow up listening to Classical Music. If you still listen to 90s rap you'll want to stay away from wines made with Cultured Yeast.

Downy Mildew - A new fragrance of fabric softener.

Fining Agent - The person who gets you a contract for your next fining gig.

Fleshy wine - A plump and pudgy wine. Think Kirstie Alley.

Hang Time - Alright ladies, keep it clean.

Harmonious wine - The Beach Boys of wine.

Jug Wine - Alright guys, keep it clean.

Late Harvest - Grapes picked after 10 pm.

Reverse Osmosis - Opposite of Forward Osmosis.

Wine thief - Someone who steals wine from a barrel with a glass tube.

Memorize these and you're halfway to being a first level sommelier!