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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Choosing Napa over Sonoma Valley

I have more than one blog post here dissing Napa and saying Sonoma is better. Hey, that's my job!  Okay, it not really my job as I don't get paid for this. Anyway, one of the professional wine bloggers recently wrote about his opinion as to why Napa Valley is a better wine vacation spot than Sonoma Valley.

Tom Ware's Daily Fermentation: Ten Reasons to Choose Napa Valley over Sonoma Valley

I could point out the crowds and cost, but I won't. :)  I will say that when you speak of Napa Valley you are really talking about Napa County as the Napa Valley appellation takes in almost the entire county. When you're talking about Sonoma Valley you are speaking of maybe ten percent of Sonoma County.

In all fairness to Tom Ware he also wrote about why you should choose Sonoma over Napa Valley.

Have fun deciding where to visit!