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Thursday, June 5, 2014

You know you are from Sonoma County if

You can generalize about anything and anyone. So here's a look at the folks from Sonoma County, California, U.S.A.

You know you are from Sonoma County if you ...

  • Are wearing a ragged t-shirt, jeans, a sweaty baseball cap and live in a $750,000 house.
  • Live in a $250,000 house that's too embarrassing to invite your coworkers in.
  • Drive a white F-150 pickup for no reason. Your second car is a Prius.
  • Know the difference in the micro-climate in the next town.
  • Didn't mean to become a wine snob, but just couldn't help it. And now you're a beer and coffee snob, too.
  • Have pre-teen children that know Sauvignon Blanc is white and Cabernet Sauvignon is red.
  • Have come back to Chardonnay and Merlot though rest of the country hasn't and you are just about over Pinot Noir.
  • Have never visited Napa on a Saturday (because you know better).
  • Didn't realize there are warm lakes and oceans that you can actually swim in!  And didn't realize that you can have warm rain.
  • Don't go out of the house, ever, without taking along a warm shirt or a lightweight jacket just in case.
  • Have only one dog and are thinking it needs a another dog for a companion. And maybe a cat.
  • Belong to a monthly lunch club where everyone is expected to bring a bottle of wine to share.
  • Have been part of a protest relating to bike paths or native plants.
  • Have a circle of friends consisting of back-to-the-land hippies, rednecks, gays, dopers, and holy rollers.
  • Get into arguments with others over the best farmers' market.
  • Get drunk on tequila with one of your back-to-the-earth friends and argue about biodynamics all night.
  • Have argued with others about how old a zinfandel vineyard has to be before it can be called "old vines." And argued about whether trellised vines should ever be considered old vines.
  • Can't believe people want to live somewhere else.