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Thursday, February 19, 2015

What Wine for International Flirting Week?

Yes, there is such a thing as Flirting Week, and why not? And it should be a whole week because one day isn't enough. 

You can decide what is a "flirt" for yourself. Is it saying something goofy and positive about someone else's appearance or is it liking every one of their Instagram photos? Should you even be doing this because you already have a Significant Other? Hey, don't ask me, I ain't Ann Landers!

We're here to find out what wine goes with flirting.

Well, a little alcohol will help you get up the courage to flirt with someone. I expect 99% of all flirting is done at a bar or party late in the evening.

My first thought was a sparkling wine as bubbles puts everyone in a good mood. And being in a good mood is the first step to successful flirting. How many grumpy people do you see smiling and winking?

But then I found this -- Flirt Wine and it's just waiting to help! Their website even says Pick Us Up (their store) or just Say Hi (email them).

BTW, this is also National Condom Week in case the flirting goes too far.