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Monday, November 14, 2016

Assumptions Made by Wine Drinkers

This isn't about the person who buys an occasional bottle at the supermarket, but about the more regular wine drinker--the person who considers themselves a bit of an expert. We've all made these mistakes. We've all bought one wine over another because we liked the label better.

Swayed too much by the judges/wine journalists.
Remember, wine is made up of grapes, yeast and a whole bunch of bullshit.

Good wine has to come from somewhere like France or Napa.
You know, the big name places. Be sure you try wines from places like Portugal, Paso Robles, and Washington state before making that assumption.

You've got to spend at least $xx to get a really good bottle.
That "xx" might be 20 or 40 or 75 for you. Whatever number it is it's strictly arbitrary and has no real basis in fact. Yes, a $75 bottle of wine is usually better than a $20 one, but there is no guarantee.

You think you know what "better" means.
Speaking of better wines why exactly is one better than another? It's strictly subjective (unless there's an obvious flaw). I've been in blind tastings where the $15 wine beats the $75 bottle. But that doesn't mean the $15 wine will be better with your dinner next week. Huh?

The smaller the winery the better.
It IS nice to support the small, family-owned businesses, whether it's a winery or not. That doesn't guarantee the product will be better at Joe's Vineyards compared to Kendall-Jackson.

Screw capped wines aren't as good.
Hah! This one is still around, subconsciously at least, with many wine buyers.

One type of wine fits all occasions.
Let's say you are a Cabernet lover and that's pretty much all you buy. Well, that's great for those cool weather steak dinners, but is that what you really want on a pizza night in August?

Thinking you know enough about wine to pick out a bottle.
If you're in a wine shop or winery ask for help!