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Monday, January 9, 2017

Wine Advertising Blows

I don't think the people who market wine have changed any more over the past several decades than automobile marketers. Hey, times and people have changed. You should want people to see wine as an everyday beverage, not something to aspire to. Get rid of the hoity-toity advertisements and take a lesson from beer.

I want to barf when I see these ads:
  • A 30 year old model with a perfect body and perfect skin and a designer dress eating stuffed Cornish game hens while drinking a Napa cabernet. How many people eat like that or look like that?
    How about normal looking, slightly pudgy people with a bit of a complexion problem grilling burgers in the backyard with a glass of zinfandel?
  • A picture of that model on a Greek Island soaking up sun and chardonnay.  Lets see, when's the last time I did that. Oh yeah, never.
    What's wrong with 20-something Silicon Valley geeks sitting in a Cupertino wine bar looking at their phones while sucking down a glass of chard and looking weary after a ten hour day?
  • Picture of the winemaker wearing a flannel shirt, jeans and western boots in the vineyard of their million case winery. After the all day photo shoot they can go back to their computer to mange the barrels and tanks. And the '65 Chevy pick-up in the corner of the photo?  Ha ha.
    When you get over fifty thousand cases leave the boots off. When you get over one hundred thousand no flannel shirt either. Over a half million cases don't pretend you spend lots of time in the vineyard.
  • An Italian sports car parked outside a bistro in southern France with the two of you dressed in fancy dinner attire eating cheeses and drinking Burgundy while looking at each others perfect hair cuts. No, this isn't me or anyone I know. Does this mean I can't drink Burgundy?
    How about a Dodge truck at a local joint in the Midwest with a couple dressed in tee shirts sucking down pulled pork sliders on the patio while sipping Pinot Noir?
  • White people drinking wine.
    It's obvious that only white people drink wine. Wouldn't want to reach out to the other third of the country.

You know, be authentic, realistic, inclusive.
At least this one is kinda funny, but
the female model is still a little too "perfect" for a Zinfandel drinker
ad from of Lodi