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Monday, March 27, 2017

Unique Santa Rosa Restaurants

You're in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, and want something a little different for your next meal. Would you like to light up your taste buds with great flavor? None of these restaurants are fancy or in a fancy neighborhood or look like much from the outside. That's the beauty of them--it's all inside. If you're looking for fancy check out this blog post. If flavor and reasonable prices are key then read on.

Chloe's French Cafe
It's authentic, it's delish, it's hard to find. Save room for dessert. Oh boy, they are some desserts, but start with something with cheese.
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East West Cafe
Best described as Mediterranean healthy. Lots of chicken and seafood with a vegetarian and a gluten-free menu. You can still get a burger and fries, but the meat is from free-range beef raised without hormones or antibiotics.

It might seem to be all abut the wood-fired oven thin crust pizzas, but there's more. There are nightly specials like fried chicken, the Caprese Piadini in the autumn when the tomatoes are fresh, and an interesting wine list with reasonable prices. Try the Goomba pizza with little meatballs and bucatini (thick spaghetti with a hole in the middle).
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When you're tired of Mexican food you have El Coqui for Puerto Rican and you have Sazon for Peruvian. Sazon seems pretty authentic and definitely good. You can tell they care about the food they're putting out.

SEA Thai Bistro
It's beautiful, it's authentic, it's amazing. If you want it simple start with pot stickers then have a noodle dish. The seafood dishes from scallops to ahi tuna to squid are their specialties. Nice bar too that's usually full during happy hour.

Spinster Sisters
Comfort food, but done in a unique way you've never seen. Come for brunch. For instance, currently on the dinner menu are Brussels sprout chips for an appetizer, crispy chickpea fires with marinara and ricotta for a small plate, and pan roasted steelhead (rainbow trout) done with an Asian influence.
Spinster Sisters
Trattoria Cattaneo
It really is homemade Italian. You're going to want the homemade polenta, a homemade pasta dish, and a homemade dessert. Then you'll want to come back again to try everything else.