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Sunday, February 1, 2009


What happened to CA Merlot? It used to be such a good wine. OK, there's still great ones like Shafer (as you can find exceptions to pretty much anything I say).

Before the "French Paradox" it seemed like the best Merlot was usually blended with Cabernet. If fact, when I sample Merlots I usually think to myself, "This would be great with about 20% Cab blended in."

After demand outstripped the supply when "everybody" needed red wine to stay healthy we got Merlot juice from the Central Valley or threw it whatever you could find and get as much to market as quickly as possible. That's when a lot of Merlot starting tasting too similar to Pepsi for me. Easy to drink; very uninteresting. But then people drink Pepsi because they just want to drink it, not analyze it. No reason to expect any difference with wine lots of the time--you just want a drink--you don't want to actually think about it. This drives the wine geeks nuts!