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Monday, December 27, 2010

Weirdest Wine Stories of 2010

Yeah, I know, another damned year-end list.  But here are some news articles that will make you go, "WTF!"

Wine-fed beef
Some British Columbia ranchers are feeding wine to their cows then selling the meat to high-end restaurants.  Sort of a Canadian version of Kobe beef.  I have no idea if it actually works or is a gimmick, but at least the cows are happy.  I mean if you're going to the slaughter you might as well do it drunk.

Virtual wine therapy
There's a Facebook page called "OMG I so need a glass of wine or I'm going to sell my kids."   It's a place for stressed-out working moms to go and vent.   For the non-mothers there's the more generic "I need a glass of wine" page.  "OMG I need a glass of wine ..." has turned into a real business as they sell cute merchandise.

Wine vending machines
Pennsylvania has installed wine vending machines so you don't have to bother a clerk.  Except for the guy watching every move you make while you swipe your ID, look into a camera to compare you with your ID, and then blow in a breathalyzer to be sure you're not already drunk.  I wonder if the store is supposed to call the cops if you're over the legal limit?  Or maybe the vending machine does an auto-dial to the highway patrol.

Cheap wine ban
The ever-knowledgeable Washington State Liquor Control Board has banned the sale of cheap beer and wine in Spokane to stop public drunkenness.  I'm guessing it's OK for those well-enough off to get drunk on the state's high-end Cabernet, but not so good for the street bums to get liquored up on Thunderbird.   I'm waiting for Gallo to sue to end this discrimination.