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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wine Kegs

And you always thought a college kegger was about beer!

The wine keg business is growing along with wine by the glass sales in restaurants.  Selling via a keg is better than bottles for several reasons:

1. It's cheaper. One German keg maker charges $30 for an eight gallon keg--the equivalent of more than three cases of wine.   Traditional wine packaging costs $20, plus-or-minus, a case.  This keg is single use recyclable steel.  Reusable stainless steel kegs are also available. These reusable kegs are much more expensive so you rent these rather than own.

2. Wine in kegs won't oxidize.  An inert gas takes up the space as wine in drawn out unlike in a partially empty bottle that contains oxygen.

3. It's greener.   Recyclable kegs are better than throwing away glass bottles with paper labels, cardboard boxes, and corks.

Image from Shafer
Schafer is the German company making the use once and recycle kegs.

Who knows? The next wedding you attend might have a keg of Chardonnay and a keg of Merlot!