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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Everybody wants a wine tasting room

Sonoma Raceway (aka Infineon, aka Sears Point) is home to Indy Cars, NASCAR, and NHRA racing. It now wants to expand into other entertainment such as holding concerts. But one change speaks Sonoma County all the way: They want to add a wine tasting room. 

Not sure if the tasting room would be open every day or only during major events. Not sure what wines they'll pour, but Andretti Winery isn't far away--I'm sure Mario will want in. Jeff Gordon and Richard Childress (a NASCAR team owner) also have "hobby" wineries. Also nearby is Adobe Road Winery owned by a professional sports car racer.

I wouldn't be surprised if Sonoma Raceway gets their own label. It's an eleven turn track so I suggest coming up with a wine named after each turn. Turn two is the most fun; turn ten the scariest, so they'll want to take that into account. The "fun" wine might be a Pinot Grigio blend. The turn ten corner, that puts hair on your chest, could be a Petite Sirah maybe.

Of course, the tasting room and all the other changes they wish to make will depend on their neighbors and the county.

They'll want to sell trinkets like this wine bottle holder
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