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Friday, August 28, 2015

Benefits of Wine

You've read all the studies saying red wine does this or that for you. 
You have seen some doctor quoted as saying a glass of wine helps digestion, helps you get to sleep, is good for your heart, etc. Well, all that health-related stuff is fine, but let's get right to the point of the true benefits of finishing that bottle.

The Real Benefits to Drinking Wine

  • Reduces anxiety
  • Eliminates guilt
  • Produces memory loss (helps with the guilt elimination)
  • Loosens speech
  • Mends a broken heart
  • Removes shyness (see loosens speech above)
  • Enhances singing voice
  • Promotes romance (see removes shyness and eliminates guilt)
  • Makes friends
  • Makes others better looking
  • Makes you better looking
  • Cures sadness
  • Leads to memorable events because, as the saying goes, "no good story ever started with a salad"