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Friday, February 12, 2016

Beer to Wine Conversion Chart

If you love beer, especially craft beers, and find wine kind of overwhelming here are suggestions for wines to try based on your favorite beers.

This is quite helpful if you are visiting Sonoma County because even though you want to spend the weekend at Russian River Brewery and Lagunitas others in your party came for the wine. Hint: Suggest a brewery for a lunch stop.

If you like this beer ..... You might like this wine

Wheat Beer/Blonde Ale ..... Chardonnay   The color is right, the fruity flavors match

Pale Ale  .....  Merlot    Craft beer drinkers often start with Pale Ale, wine drinkers with Merlot

Pilsner  .....  Reisling    Fresh, sweet, but balanced with good acidity

Kolsch  .....  Sauvignon Blanc   Light body, distinctive flavors

West Coast IPA ..... Sauvignon Blanc for white or Pinot Noir for red

Double IPA ..... Zinfandel    Both known for their alcohol content

Stout  .....  Syrah   Big and smokey

Imperial Stout ..... Cabernet Sauvignon   Full-bodied and toasty

Porter  .....  Syrah   Both are heavy and dark

Belgian Duppel ..... Malbec   Dark, spicy, but easy drinking

Farmhouse/Saison ..... Grenache    Smooth, fruity, easy drinking

Lambic, brett beers ..... Pinot Noir   Fruity and funky.

Sours  .....  Sangiovese    Sangi tastes like sour red cherries

Bud Lite ..... White Zinfandel    That's all you deserve

A lot of research went into producing this list. You're welcome.