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Friday, July 15, 2016

Wine and Music Pairing

Wine and food? That's been done. Plus, I've decided wine and food pairing is just too complicated. Trying to figure it out gives me a headache. Not a cheap sparkling wine or cheap tequila headache, but it still makes my head hurt. Some claim the music you listen to while drinking will actually change your perception of the wine!

Wine and music, two subjects where it's almost impossible to be objective. What can go wrong?

What wine with what music:
Maybe one of these with surf music

Pinot Gris & Surf Music - Something old like Beach Boys or something more current as Best Coast. Okay, I don't really know much about Pinot Gris as they all kind of taste the same to me. It's like mediocre surf music all sounding the same, you know?

Riesling & Alternative - Out of the mainstream because you're not drinking Chardonnay like everybody else. Listen to The White Stripes or Foo Fighters and see how that goes with an off-dry Riesling.

Viognier & New Age - The wine or the music can be really boring if not done right. For God's sake no Yanni! Maybe some George Winston piano. If you find Viognier really esoteric them maybe a  meditation CD with an hour of humpback whales "talking."

Buttery Chardonnay and '90s Pop - They are both from the same era and don't require a lot of thought. Backstreet Boys or Spice Girls are obvious choices.
Dude, this isn't good for your reputation

White Zinfandel & Polka Music - Well, I picture my aunt in Detroit doing this.

Moscato & Rap? - No. Supposedly rappers started the craze for the soda pop of wine, Moscato, but the music is anything but syrupy sweet. You can try it if you want, but I'd suggest Taylor Swift.

Pinot Noir & Jazz - Too smooth for its own good sometimes. A great, classic Pinot deserves Armstrong or Coltrane. A typical New World Pinot Wynton Marsalis. Or if you really want to push the envelope try Dylan.

Zinfandel & Country - American rustic, just like an old pick-up truck. Really rustic Zinfandel, the way God intended it to be made, is difficult to find. If you do then put on Willie Nelson. For the more typical Zin Miranda Lambert is fine, for that sweet, soft Lodi stuff maybe Carrie Underwood (both tend towards pop--one soda pop, the other country pop). Bonnie Raitt is another possibility.
A Petite Sirah with "Hell"
in the name should go
just fine with Ozzie

Syrah & Oldies Rock - A real heavy-duty American Syrah will stand up to Led Zeppelin. Syrah can hang with hair bands all night long.

Petite Sirah & Hard Rock - Both can kick your butt. Ozzie Osborne, Def Leppard, or Tool, depending on your generation.

Young Cabernet & Rap - Cab drunk too young deserves hard-ass music -- Rap. If you don't do rap then maybe Metallica.

Aged Cabernet & Classical  - If you're old and upper-middle class choose your favorite classical piece. If you're unsophisticated like me then pick your favorite rock anthem. I can definitely see a live Bruce Springsteen or Heart album with a nice Cab.

Late Harvest Riesling & Lite Pop - ABBA if you're older, Adele if you're middle-aged, Katy Perry if you're not of legal drinking age.

Port & Off-beat Rock - It's late in the evening when you're typically sipping a nice Port. Go with Alabama Shakes or King of Leon.

EDIT 8/1/16
Hey, look, somebody else thought of this!