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Monday, October 10, 2016

Wine Tasting Tip #11 - Tipping

Should you leave a tip for a tasting room person? Some people assume they should as you would in a bar, some never consider doing this, others are confused and will ask if they're supposed to tip. Ten years ago you never saw tipping at a winery's tasting bar, but the times they are a changin'.

To be honest tipping is a pet peeve of mine as so many people outside of restaurant wait staff, cab drivers, etc. are looking for tips. I'm not saying that I believe it's wrong to tip the mailman, the guys at the car wash, or the hotel maid. Heck, there's even a tip jar on the counter at my local burger joint. I just don't believe it's always necessary. Restaurant workers depend on tips to survive, most others don't, although they're a nice addition to the somewhat meager paychecks people in hospitality and retail receive.

Tipping is not something expected in a tasting room as it is in a restaurant. So even if you see a tip jar on the counter (something I find really annoying) doesn't mean you have to add a couple bucks. 

You can certainly tip in a tasting room if you've been provided great service or had a really good time. Maybe the person was helpful in planning your day or helping you select a restaurant for dinner.

One place where I do see tipping as semi-mandatory would be if you're getting table-side service such as a sit-down tasting. At this point you are being waited on. I don't know if it should be 15 or 18% as pouring wine isn't quite as complicated as getting all your drinks, all your salads, and all your meals out at the same time and done correctly.

When someone asks if these should tip I reply with something like, "It's okay to do so, but it's not necessary" and leave it up to them.

So, no, I didn't answer the question on tipping for you. I just gave you info to make your own decision.