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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Wine Marketing - The Ignored Generation

Gen-X: Stuck in the middle.

Yep, when it comes to marketing, wine included, it appears you can't talk enough about the Millennials and their influence. This is also the relatively poorest generation as they are still young, early in their careers, buying they first house, etc. So, yes, they buy lots of electronics and certain clothing, but what about luxury goods like wine?

Then there's the biggest generation grouping, the Boomers, who controlled the markets for quite a while. Now, however, they are aging out as far as having disposable income for premium wine.

In my experience it's consumers in their late-30s through their 50s that have the bucks and the desire to spend them on wine. Well, guess what? Gen-Xers are in their 40s plus a couple years on either side of that. This is the market for premium wine. For some reason you don't hear the marketers talking much about how to approach or how to sell to them. Why is that? 

Maybe they don't know how. Boomers were defined by explosive post-war population growth and by the '60s and '70s. They made New World wines successful. Millennials are about social media and mostly you hear about marketing to them in that way. What do the Xers have? Perhaps they are hard to define. Maybe you don't need a different way to market to them, but you should at least know what they like and what they're willing to spend for it.

Just making them feel like they're being left out isn't cool and is not going to make them loyal customers.