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Friday, April 28, 2017

Serving Wine in California

California is fairly liberal when it comes to alcohol laws, but being booze it still has its quirky moments.

For instance, you can buy alcohol at your local grocery store beginning at 6 am every morning. Yes, even Sunday. As a bit of trivia the Sonoma town plaza is the only public gathering place of its kind in the state that allows open containers. You don't need a license to serve in a hot air balloon or limousine.

Last year it became legal for beauty shops and barber shops to offer customers a glass of wine or a beer. Why? Because a number of salons were already doing this anyway. The cheap-o chain shop I go to has not started offering this yet, however.
Many wine tasting rooms and wine shops display and sell art
The town of Laguna Beach has a monthly art walk and some of the gallery owners offer a glass of wine to visitors. It turns out this is illegal and the state Alcohol Beverage Control in the interest of keeping us safe decided to bust a number of gallery owners. Now there is a bill in the state legislature to allow art galleries to serve beer and wine without a license.

If this idea expands to other businesses it would be great. Nothing like loosening up the ol' pocketbook with a drink or two. I don't see this moving into car dealerships though. Don't think it would go over well to have the high-pressure sales person greet you with, "Let's have a beer then go for a test drive!"