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Friday, May 11, 2018

Rosé All Day? NO

Just NO
If you are linked to a lot of wine-related social media people and businesses you might get tired of seeing people pretending to drink out of the bottle (done in humor, I think) or of someone drinking a glass of wine in a vineyard (I suppose that might be a dream of some wine geeks). Mine is with so many people pushing pink wines. One more "All day rosé" sign and I think I'll puke.

There's a Rosé All Day wine (you knew it was going to happen). There's a Rosé All Day music video (that will make you puke). Apparently in Dallas, TX there's a rosé and music festival (are boyfriends and husbands forced to attend)?

They've officially gone to far now. There's gin, as in Beefeater Pink and Gordon's Pink. Gordon's has done a pink gin & tonic in a can that will no doubt be at that Dallas music festival. Then there's something called Tequila Rosé which is some sort of strawberry liqueur. Imagine drinking too much of that on a hot day. Yes, I'm talking about puking again.
This is the only drink that
was meant to be pink

Summer is coming and so is the onslaught of pink-colored drinks. Why? Because they look pretty in pictures. You want a real summer drink? This is why they invented Sauvignon Blanc, margaritas, and beer! Choose wisely!