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Sunday, March 7, 2010

What would John Wayne drink?

Rather that try to come up with poetic terms for describing the nuances of different varieties just to confuse the novices maybe we should look at different wine as, "What would John Wayne drink?    In the old days in the movies it was a cocktail and a cigarette as wine was too European-snooty for Hollywood.

So, what would John Wayne drink if he's not drinking whiskey?  
Petite Sirah (that's as masculine as a wine gets).

What would Marlon Brando drink?
Pinot Noir (something deep and brooding)

What would Marilyn Monroe drink?
White Zinfandel, unless a rich guy was buying her Champagne.

Humphrey Bogart?
Cabernet Sauvignon probably. Definitely not Merlot.

Mae West?
Chardonnay seems to fit.  It's kind of a blonde wine.

Audrey Hepburn?
Champagne (not California sparkling wine)

James Dean?
Seems like a Zinfandel kind of guy to me.

Lauren Bacall?
I believe she'd be a red wine girl.  Maybe Cabernet (she'd split a bottle with Bogey).

Steve McQueen?
Mourvedre (because he's too cool to drink what everyone else does).

Judy Garland?
Whatever is open.

Okay, so who would drink Merlot?   Well, it seems like kind of a Ben Affleck wine to me.   What do you think?