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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wine Bias

We all have it.

Hating all (region) (varietal). Fill in the blanks, like California Chardonnay or Italian wines.   Or how about wine from Idaho?   Ewww, that can't be any good.

Some will only drink Cabernet from Napa and it has to cost over $75.   Some people are easy to talk out of their money.

Wine out of a box?   Yuck.

Some people still think only the French can make world-class wines.  It's amazing this one is still around.

Screw cap means it's a cheap wine. As does a synthetic cork (but less so).   The natural cork is a horrible closure but for some reason it's considered the best.  I guess it's tradition.

Buying a wine because you like the label. Nice colors, nice design. Makes you wonder how Dehlinger sells out!

Is the foil covering the cork necessary? No, but it looks good.

Is the punt in the bottom of the bottle necessary? No, but a flat bottom signals cheap.

Chianti! That's that stuff in a straw-covered bottle.  I drank that in college then put a candle in the bottle.

Small family wineries are better than corporate wines.  Except that Clos du Bois, Simi, Hartford, and Arrowood are all owned by the big guys.

How about organic or biodynamic wines? Can they be as good as "regular" wines?

OK, so wine biases could sometimes be turned around into wine preferences such as, "I prefer French Chablis" or "I prefer the Cabs out of Napa." But it's hard to justify preferring real corks to synthetic corks as there's no data to back up natural cork as being better than synthetic.