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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Happy Hour at .... Starbucks!?

The recession has hurt Starbucks badly with 1,000 store closings. It seems like people are less interested in three dollar coffee when they don't have a job.  You have to give Starbucks credit for not sitting on their behinds.   They has a couple "test" stores in Seattle where they try out new things.   The latest is selling local micro-brews and wines.

It's genius. 

Here's your new schedule:

7 am: A $2 tall coffee to get the day started
1 pm: A $4 low-fat latte to stay awake for the afternoon
5 pm: A $8 glass of Pinot to counteract all that caffeine and sugar

It's Starbucks so remember to order something trendy.  Hopefully, they'll have Albarino or Malbec.

And if your Significant Other asks why you're late home from work your innocent reply is, "I stopped by Starbucks for a pick-me-up and a little free wi-fi."

Now if my local Starbucks inside the Safeway market got a beer and wine license would they let you carry that around while you shop?  The grocery carts already have a cupholder for my coffee so why not a wine glass holder?

On the other hand, there's been talk of opening Cannibus tasting rooms in Northern California once legalization is (probably) passed on the November ballot.   So maybe wine at Starbucks is actually a little tame.