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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Why this is a crappy blog

So many wine blogs look and read very professionally that it's just a pleasure to look through them.   For instance, check out Steve Heimoff's or dirtysouthwine.   How do these guys do it?  Beats me!

What it ain't

No, I didn't go to wine school, marketing school, web school or even journalism school.   Yes, I know it shows.   I took something worthless in college just like most people.  I can't even edit worth a carp.

I don't write only positive stuff because there are already plenty of people writing about the wonders of wine.

Some of the entries are very localized and others from outside the area won't quite get it.   It's where I live and what I do so it's easy to write about.

Some is very opinionated (vs. factual).   I hope you know the difference.   Sometimes I do.

I wish I had better pictures, but I have a cheap HP digital camera and that's what I get.

What it is

Advertising free

No one sways my voice with "bribes."  Not even my employer (when I have one).  I don't take freebies to influence my opinions.   Well, I did get a free entrance into the May Vinify wine tasting for mentioning the event (there, glad I got that off my chest).

Writing with a sense of humor -- it's always there and I know it's hard to pick out in print sometimes.

I have been around the Napa/Sonoma wine scene as a customer for several decades and in the wine business for many years.  Not that many folks have that historical reference on this area.


It's only wine!   If wine is your livelihood I can understand taking it seriously, but I sometimes wonder about some of the consumer-types.  We've got wars, oil spills, and hungry children to worry about.  Lighten up when talking about your hobby!  (You know who I'm talking about you Parker-ophiles).

Have fun exploring!