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Friday, June 25, 2010

Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board

Anyone in the wine business or any wine drinker living in PA can tell you they have a "unique" beverage control system.  Alcohol movement and sales is in complete control of a state bureaucracy known as the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board.  It even has a chairman who wields enormous power.

Their latest idea is either really funny or outrageously stupid.   I'll take the latter.   After all it's the government and tax dollars at work.

PA has installed a wine vending machine.  Really!  All you do is swipe your drivers license, get your picture taken to compare it to your license's photo while a state agent oversees the whole operation, then blow into a breathalyzer.   If you're over 0.02 no sale.

PA, maybe you should do this with condoms next.   If you're under 18 or over 70 no sale!   (If you're over 70 you'd only need them because you're hitting on an under-40 female. We don't want that).  Not sure what to do it you're intoxicated while buying condoms.  And if you install a handgun vending machines then a breathalyzer might be a good idea, too.

There may be a more stupid, more degrading way to buy alcohol but I can't think of any right now.  Nice use of the taxpayers money. The good news is it's a pilot program.  If ever there was a gov't agency that needed to die it's the PA Liquor Control Board.  Hopefully, this foolishness will hasten their demise.

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