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Friday, May 6, 2011

Random good news

Because we need some!    It may or may not have to do with wine.

The Wine Road,, donated $30,000 to the Redwood Empire Food Bank today.  This is proceeds from the Russian River Valley Barrel Tasting event ticket sales.   So to all of you who attended, thanks!

Willy Mays, the greatest ever, turns 80 today.

Red wine helps keep your bones strong.  According to an Australian study men 50-80 years old who drank red wine had a stronger bone density than those who didn't.   New slogan, "Fight osteoporosis, have a glass of Cab."

The Royal Family is planting grapes on the Windsor Estate to make an English sparkling wine.  

The California Wine Bar at the SF Giants stadium is a hit with fans.  The people selling the various wines will help you match a wine your food.  "You got a hot dog?  Is that with mustard and onions?  I think I'd go with a hearty red ..."

Another study on red wine and chocolate suggests consuming the two together increases the blood flow to the brain.  The volunteers in the test were better at arithmetic after the wine and chocolate than before.   So next time you have to balance your checkbook you now know what to do.

Forrest Lundsway just married Rose Pollard after being together for 30 years.  What's the big deal?  It was on Forrest's 100th birthday, she's 90.   His secret to longevity besides staying active is whiskey and Seven-Up and fried food.

It's May 6th and the Cleveland Indians are still in first place!