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Thursday, August 18, 2011

New member of the Napa County Farm Bureau

The Napa County Farm Bureau contains numerous winery owners and winemakers, as you'd expect, along with a few ranchers and olive producers.   Their mission is "to ensure the proper political, social, and economic climate for the continuation of a strong, viable, and sustainable agricultural economy."
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The Farm Bureau has a new member, a St. Helena resident growing medical marijuana in his backyard.   Crane Carter wants to use his membership as a springboard to legitimize pot as a taxable crop.  In the meantime he's wasting no time in designing a t-shirt to sell to the tourists.

Carter's goal?  "Why should Humboldt County be the Napa Valley of pot growing.  It should be Napa!"

I suppose when the farm bureau finishes up its business meetings someone breaks out their Cabernet, maybe a rancher supplies some steaks, and now ...

By the way, if you're in town on August 28th per the farm bureau's calendar, it's their annual barn tour!