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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fastest growing wine in the U.S.


Muscat, that cheap Central Valley blending grape, is hot.   Gallo, Woodbridge (Mondavi), Sutter Home, and Beringer all report big sales.  Moscato is inexpensive and sweet and apparently trendy with younger urbanites.  Sales have more than tripled over the last three years.

Some makers are trying to move consumers "upscale."   Beringer adds a bit of Zinfandel and Petite Sirah to make Red Moscato.  Gallo has one under their Mirassou label with a suggested retail price of (gasp) $12!  Interestingly, nowhere on the Mirassou website is Gallo mentioned.  Mirassou Winery is called "America's oldest winemaking family"  even though the winemaking is now done by Gallo.  I guess withholding the truth is okay in marketing.

Muscat has been popular for generations as Asti Spumante and Muscat Canelli.  Now the U.S. marketing-types are trying to link Rap music and Moscato to key in on the millenials.  A couple Rap songs have referenced Moscato.

So if White Zinfandel is the official drink of middle-aged women and Pinot Grigio solidly with the 30-somethings then Muscat must be the drink for the young'uns in their 20s.   Just so you know where you belong--marketing-wise.
Cool-looking bottle, huh?
Seller's website says it's from a cult-Napa winemaker!

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