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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pennsylvania's Wine Kiosks are Outta Here!

In PA alcohol sales are completely controlled by the state--everything from purchase from the winery, distillery, or brewery to sale to the consumer. Too much power in the hands of a few bureaucrats?

These government liquor barons spent millions on retail wine kiosks. It's sort of a vending machine except you have to blow in a breathalyzer to complete the sale. Really. It's funny that they don't do that if you want to buy a gun in PA.

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These bureaucrats believe they are immune to criticism so through all the complaints over the past year from consumers and retailers they kept installing the wine kiosks.

So they have sort of seen the light but are blaming it on the vendor of the machine.  Why? Because they want the vendor to cover their million dollars in expenses occurred during this fiasco.  Meanwhile the vendor is suing PA for breach of contract.  Your tax dollars at work.

Time for the good people of Pennsylvania to put the Liquor Control Board out of business.

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