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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Why wine is the best drink

There's plenty of information the the health benefits of red wine

Aids digestion
Wine stimulates stomach acids and red wine counters some of the fats in red meats.

This may increase your good cholesterol so is good for a healthy heart. You can, of course, get antioxidants from things like cranberries and kidney beans but what fun is that?

Even though no one can pronounce this compound it is thought to reduce bad cholesterol.

Moderate levels of alcohol may help raise the good cholesterol and lower the bad.

Good wine
The right glass of wine will make any meal taste better.
A good glass of wine will make anyone a happier person!

Wine is better than:

The high alcohol levels can sneak up on you. Everyone has embarrassing tequila stories, right?

Bloats you up. Gives you a beer belly. However, hops have been shown to have some nutritional value so that's another reason to drink a quality IPA instead of Bud.  Once again, choose quality over quantity.

Too sugary. No nutrition. Just makes you fat (regular soda) or give you cancer (diet soda).

Yes, water.  The ancients used wine to purify water to make it drinkable.  The alcohol from a little wine in some water collected from a stream would kill off the bad bacteria. From the Bible,
"Drink no longer water, but use a little wine for thy stomach’s sake."