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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Some Wine Truths

Don't buy wine to age

If you don't have the proper storage the wine will be worse in a couple years, not better. You cannot stick a bottle in a dining room wine rack then expect to pull it out in five years and enjoy it. Somewhere that's dark with a constant cool temperature is required to age wine.

99.9% of all wine is best within five years

Okay, I don't know exact percentage, but I can say most wine is not meant to age very long, whether it's white or red. Plus most folks don't have a proper place to age it or have the patience to wait.

98% of all wine is best within a few months

No, I still don't know the exact percentages, but almost all wine is best close to purchase date. Plan on consuming whites and rosés within a year of purchase.

Aging wine is an education

Having said all that previously one of the best ways to learn about wine is to buy several bottles of something you really like and open a bottle at intervals--such as a bottle every year to see how it changes. It's often amazing the difference even a few months make in a wine.

Wine hates vibration

Wine can get travel shocked. If you're having wine shipped to you it's best to let it settle down for a couple weeks even though you may be anxious to try out your latest purchases. Same if you're taking a bottle to your relatives house for dinner that's several hours drive away. Not only do you want to keep the bottle cool, but you don't want it bouncing around.

Wine makes food better

A glass of wine with a meal is almost always better than one without. Okay, I'm not including breakfast in this. :)  Exactly which wine is the best match with the particular meal isn't nearly as important--just have something you like.

Drink what you like

You should drink what you enjoy and can afford, not what some wine expert else tells you to drink. It's kind of like art appreciation--it's very personal. Your smell and taste senses are yours alone.

Good wine glasses make a difference

If you don't think so try the same wine side-by-side in a cheap-o glass and in a Riedel or similar glass.