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Monday, February 13, 2012

The Sonoma Coast Appellation. Here's a problem.

The Sonoma Coast wine grape growing area is popular with growers and consumers for it's cool climate wine grape production, especially Pinot Noir.  So Pinot is all the rage and to a lesser extent the Sonoma Coast appellation is too.
Area to be cut
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So what's the problem?  Currently Artesa Winery of Napa, owned by Cordoniu of Spain, has over 300 acres of prime land in this area near the small town of Annapolis in Sonoma County. They are about to get approval to clear-cut over 150 acres of second-growth trees. This area was heavily logged in the 19th century for its prized Redwoods.

A few locals in the sparsely populated area and several environmental groups are gearing up for a court battle.

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