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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Chasing after the young ladies

NO, I mean marketing directed at Millennial female consumers.

Beringer, part of Treasury Wine Estates, formally Fosters (I know, hard to keep track), has launched a $10-$14 line of "Be" white wines, such as Be Bright Pinot Grigio and Be Flirty Pink Moscato. Honestly, who else except a 20-something female would be caught drinking anything that contains "flirty" and pink" on the label?

Millennials don't want to be pigeonholed like their parents who supposedly depend on points scored and gold medals won. So instead they are being pigeonholed as "hip, adventurous and skeptical." (They forgot the part where they are constantly typing on their smart phone).

Apparently this all means young women won't drink what their parents drink. OMG they're rebelling! They certainly won't purchase in the same price range. Anyway, wine marketers are using the "adventurous and skeptical" thing to try new wines their parents would probably stick their nose up at although the marketing folks have forgotten the parents started on crap like Strawberry Hill and Blue Nun. I certainly remember Mogen David 20/20 and it's not a pretty memory...
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The marketing professionals are doing many studies on what young females want to drink. These brands are some of their "best" work:

Skinnygirl Wine -- Why does this remind me of Virginia Slims?
Strut -- Wine with legs.
La Bubbly -- "Sparkling wine for the sparkling mind."
Working Girl Wines -- makers of Rosé the Riveter.
Happy Bitch Wines -- Um, I dunno, but they're from New York.

So it's been decided: Young women want cute wine names!

Most of all someone said the Millennial women wine drinkers want to be sophisticated, but not snobby. Thank gawd for that!