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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Random Wine (and Booze) News

Current news can  be pretty funny especially when people get weirded out by their concerns with everyone else's alcohol consumption. And you don't have to make it up--some people actually made this stuff happen!

A Canadian study on wine-buying habits shows that people will pay more for a wine with a name that's hard to pronounce. So German wine is that overpriced?

Drew Barrymore has decided to get into the wine business. She has put her name on an Italian Pinot Grigio. Yeah, Drew, that's what "getting into the wine business" is all about!

Utah has a state government that's quite unfriendly to alcohol sales. (Jesus told them to lay off the stuff and have three wives instead). As in other states there's a state Alcohol Beverage Commission governed by a board. Utah has a new bill in the legislature that would now require at least two of the five board members be drinkers.

Speaking of state laws ...

West Virginia just passed a law allowing free samples of one once shots of liquor. Whiskey tasting rooms are coming!

Pennsylvania, a state known for tight liquor control, there's an "oopsy" loophole in the law. The state took away the liquor license of a York County nightclub for various problems in the club. The license allowed them to sell booze. Now they can't sell it so they give it away. PA says they can't make them stop.