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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Well, Napa has gotten expensive!

Okay, so maybe that's not a hot news flash. But things haven't cooled off with the recession apparently.

I recently stopped by a winery I used to work  for in Calistoga. It's a medium-sized operation of mid-range wines and is open to the public. Five years ago we charged ten bucks to taste. On weekends we often had a reserve tasting in a separate room for twenty. And the 45 minute tour was free.

Well, it ain't that way anymore!  The standard tasting is $20. A reserve tasting at the bar is $35 for three wines. That's three for thirty-five. Tours? Twenty dollars including two tastes. Whoa.

When I mentioned where I work now is ten dollars (to taste more wines btw) and it's refunded if you purchase the reply, half as a joke, was, "Well, you're over there (Sonoma) and we're Napa!"

I guess they are more interested in selling the experience than the wine.