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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Siduri / Novy May 2012 Open House

Siduri is considered one of the top Pinot Noir producers in California. They have a second label, Novy, primarily for Syrah. They have several, mostly single vineyard, Pinots and Syrahs. Siduri has an open house a few times every year.

Siduri Pinots listed from my favorite to least:

2009 Cargasacchi Vyd (Santa Rita Hills), $50
2010 Hirsch Vyd (Sonoma Coast), $50
2010 Sonatera Vyd (Sonoma Coast), $49
2010 Hawk's View (Willamette Vly), $39
2010 Lewis Vyd (Russian River Vly), $45
2010 Santa Rita Hills (Santa Barbara), $30
2010 Clos Pepe Vyd (Santa Rita Hills), $50
2010 Chehalem Mts (Willamette Vly), $30

I would recommend all but the last two. Both of those I'd like to try again in a few months to see how they've changed.

Novy Syrahs from favorite to least (didn't try all that were available):

2009 Christensen Vyd (Russian River Vly), $29
2009 Simpson Vyd (Dry Creek), $29
2010 Santa Lucia Highlands (Monterey), $27
2009 Garys' Vyd (Santa Lucia Highlands), $33
2009 Rosella's Vyd (Santa Lucia Highlands), $29
2009 Susan's Hill Vyd (Santa Lucia Highlands), $34

The Christensen Syrah stood above the rest.

I was last at their open house in December 2011. At that time I liked the 2009 Clos Pepe Pinot, but didn't care for the 2010 here. Maybe it needs more time as I found it really tight. In December I also liked the 2009 Cargasacchi and 2009 Sonatera Pinots. Didn't sample the Hirsch Vyd Pinot last time.  See my notes on the December open house.