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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What wine with doughnuts?

In case you've been too busy and didn't realize the upcoming holiday June 1st and 2nd are National Doughnut Days. Interestingly enough June 1st is also Heimlich Day and June 1-3 are Milk Days. Really, you can look this stuff up!

Anyway it seemed like the chance for some food and wine pairing. Everybody has declared fish with Chardonnay and Cabernet with red meat, but you don't hear much about doughnuts.

Like anything else it's in how you prepare the food--the sauce, the seasoning, etc. Or in the case of doughnuts we are talking about sugar,  sprinkles, maple, chocolate, glaze, etc. This can be complicated, but in the name of the advancement of American culture here are some suggestions:

Off-dry sparkling wine
Plain doughnuts--cake or old-fashioned

Sweeter sparkling wine
This is probably the best wine overall with any kind of doughnuts

Chardonnay, preferably one with residual sugar like K-J
Maple bars, cream-filled, bear claws

Cheap rosé

Semi-sweet Riesling or Gewurztraminer
Glazed, doughnut holes

Late harvest red wine or port

And what side dish with your doughnuts.  Try this!