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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Another winery biting the dust?

In the last several months a couple Sonoma County wineries went through family issues publicly. Seghesio Family Winery was sold off against the will of some of the Seghesios and is no longer a family-owned winery. The Foppiano Family Feud actually went to court. An outside company is now running Foppiano. (My previous post on Foppiano from Dec 20, 2011).
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Now Pellegrini Family Vineyards is having their own family feud. The estate vineyards are no longer part of the winery. As the harvest season rolls into full swing they are shuttered up and not making wine this year.

It seems the economic downturn is putting a lot of stress on some folks. It's bad when it happens to business partners. It's worse when it's your family.