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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Pity the poor office admin person at Pezzi King Winery

The Sonoma County Harvest Fair is the big wine awards event in the area. Sometimes I think it might be more just for the local folks, but certain things will get noticed--like this year.

The judges hand out the usual gold medals and best of class awards like most judgings. This event is different in that they have had a Sweepstakes wine. The one wine that the judges thought was the best overall. I'm not sure how they could do this with so many different kinds of wines. It got to be such great PR for the Sweepstakes winning winery that the fair introduced two awards--one for the best white and one for the best red. Still, not everyone was happy apparently so in recent years they added a "best specialty wine" award for sparkling, rosé, and desert wines, I believe. So now there are three Sweepstakes wines every year.

The winners of the 2012 Harvest Fair awards were just announced. and Pezzi King Winery won the red sweeps for a $50 Zinfandel and the specialty category for a $50 late harvest. Wholesalers, retailers, and consumers will be calling in Monday to get their share. The phones will be ringing all day; the voicemail box will probably be full. I'm guessing there won't be enough of these wines to go around. I guess that's a good problem to have.

Just a few months ago The Wilson Family Wineries purchased Pezzi King. Wilson Winery is no stranger to winning big at the Harvest Fair--having won the sweeps in the past. Congrats to Pezzi King. I'm looking forward to sampling the wines next weekend at the Harvest Fair.

NBC News just named the Sonoma County Harvest Fair as one of the best harvest festivals in the country.