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Sunday, February 24, 2013

New Wine Storage Option

Who needs to rent space for a wine collection? Who needs to build a wine cellar?

There's this rich guy winery owner--he's from Charleston SC and he owns a small winery in Napa Valley--like many rich guys do. He's experimenting with "ocean aging" of wine. This idea apparently came about after some lucky folks sampled wines brought up from shipwrecks and the wines were--different.

So he's buried four cases of wine offshore from his home and will bring them up in three months to see how they taste. If he likes what happens to the wine I assume he'll go with longer ocean storage next time.

No one seems to know if it's the water pressure, light, temperature, salt water, the swaying with the currents or what. But the French have already done this and have sold "ocean aged" wine--I assume at a premium.

Okay, so this may not be too convenient if you live in Nebraska. But I'd like to see an experiment comparing the five Great Lakes. I'm pretty sure Lake Erie would lose. Other options might be the Great Salt Lake, but that's in Utah, and Crater Lake, but that's a National Park.

Article from the Santa Rosa Press Democrat.