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Thursday, June 6, 2013

If you only read one wine blog ...

... and don't take wine too seriously then check out the ol' Hosemaster. Okay, it's a bit of an insider's view of what goes on in the wine industry, but it's worth a look because you'll laugh.

The Hosemaster is an ex-comedy writer and an ex-sommelier (a professionally trained wine snob). He IS from Southern California though...

Here's a video interview with him explaining his new purpose in life.

A quote from a recent blog post:

"Millennials want wines that are authentic ... by dedicated vintners who spare no labor or expense, who love the land and cherish the Earth and... never manipulate the wines ..., and, finally, the wines are also delicious and compelling, get you drunk, and don’t cost more than $15."

His blog.

The Hoser works part-time at a local tasting room. It must be a riot in there when he's around.