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Friday, June 14, 2013

Wine at the beach

It's summer. You're going to the beach sometime. Maybe it's a long drive through Saturday traffic or maybe it's a week-long vacation.

So what kind of wine should you take to the beach? Or to put it another way, what would Annette and Frankie drink?

Well, first you might wanna check to see that alcohol is allowed at the beach. Always good to not get arrested in front of a bunch of impressionable kids. Especially if they're yours.

Once that's all cleared up the wine should be white or rosé so be sure you have the ice to keep it cold. Nothing like a glass of warm rosé while sitting in the hot sun. Bring the aspirin if that's your plan.

Go with something inexpensive and light. Not a heavy, oaky Chardonnay, but more of a "naked" one. Not a sweet rosé, but a quality one that's drier.

Of course, if part of your day is grilling burgers then you can bring along a lighter red wine. Two cautions: This only works if you've got a shady spot to sit and don't let the wine get warm. Ugh.

Then you'll need some glasses. Bring plastic ones. Something with a picture of a hula girl on the side of the bowl is fine.

What do I take to the beach? I'm taking beer. To hell with wine! If it's near sunset then margaritas are okay, too. I mean Cabernet on a warm beach? Yuck. Good beer in cans is what's called for.

THIS is the way to go to the beach!
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It's time to get your sunburn on