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Friday, June 7, 2013

The Top Ten Wine Travel Destinations?

Redbook Magazine has done a top wine travel destinations list, too. I don't read Redbook as it's aimed at a different demographic. A quick scan of their online mag shows it to be kind of a mild version of Cosmopolitan magazine. Yes, Redbook still has articles on baking and raising children, but they seemed to be focusing more on sex cuz, you know, sex sells.

So the trips are oriented toward the female travelers, but that doesn't fully explain the list.

A few are well-known wine areas:
Finger Lakes, Long Island, Willamette, Sonoma, Walla Walla.
Even Texas Hill County, Charlottesville VA, and Temecula are known by many plus are near major metropolitan areas helping their popularity.
But I honestly didn't know about Treasure Valley, ID--or Louisville, KY. I've heard of St. Chapelle Winery in Idaho, but Louisville? Really?

I found a web page listing about 60 wineries in Kentucky!
Kentucky's finest. It's not bourbon?
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I guess the ladies are over Napa. Apparently the "Sideways" wine tour in the Santa Barbara area is for guys only. Paso Robles? Forget-about-it.

Bummer Napa. You're off the list!