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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Getting my own appellation

Appellations are different from the Appalachians, but they probably have appellations in the Appalachians. An appellation = American Viticulture Area = AVA. Napa Valley is an AVA.

There are also lots of them around you've probably never heard of like Chiles Valley and Green Valley cuz nothing interesting has ever happened there.

An AVA is supposed to represent a unique growing area within a larger one like Rutherford within Napa Valley. Or it you want to see the logic in all this, there is Moon Mountain AVA within Sonoma Valley.

I'm thinking about getting my own appellation. I've got a few zinfandel vines in the side yard. It's unique in that there's a fence on the north side of the vines that reflects heat back onto them and helps block the wind. Plus my shed is right next to it.  This is unique as it gets.

People get AVA's because they think it'll help sell their grapes or their wines. Being unique is better because, as is often said, "We are all unique, just like everybody else."
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I'm thinking of calling my backyard AVA Bordough. I believe it could be good marketing-wise. I may want to extend it down to the highway a mile away as there's a small branch bank there. I'm hoping to get them to change their name to Right. That wold put me near the Right Bank in Bordough. I see lots of growth opportunities. I may consider pulling out my lawn to make way for a couple dozen more vines.