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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wine-buying demographics--what people don't talk about much

Large wineries (examples: Gallo, Kendall-Jackson) and beverage corporations (examples: Constellation, Treasury) along with outside marketing research groups spend lots of time and money looking at who buys wine. What's going to happen with the aging Baby Boomers? What are the Millennials buying? What can Gen X afford now and ten years from now?

I don't see much concern about why 95% of the folks buying wine are white.  The other five percent is of Asian descent. (Percents are my guesses based on my own selling experience). Blacks? Hispanics? Very rare.
Is it as simple as the cost? Or something social/cultural? Beats me. Only reference to blacks and wine was the stereotyping with the cheap, fortified wines in the past. Currently it's with sweet Moscato being popular in urban areas, supposedly. I assume "urban" is a code word for black people.

American adults under 35 years old, the Millennials, are the talk of the wine marketers. They are also the most racially diverse group in American history with Caucasians making up less than half of the population.

It seems as though a big part of the country is being overlooked by the wine biz.