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Monday, March 16, 2015

SUI, Shopping Under the Influence

We should know better, but lots of people do it. I shop Amazon often and a bit on everything else from Lands End to Walgreens. I love Amazon, but can't recall shopping drunk, but apparently lots of people are guilty of SUI.

An article in the Telegraph, a British paper, says one-in-five have admitted to shopping while tipsy and spending an average of over $200, mostly at Amazon. A behavior economist at Santa Clara University says the reward center of the brain kicks in and self-control goes out the window while drinking (perhaps that explains a lot of one-night stands, too). Personally, I'd like behavioral economists to spend more time figuring out how to prevent recessions. After all, a recession is just when everyone stops buying stuff at the same time. But I'm getting off-topic.

I'd like to know how many Texans have made an online gun purchase while drunk. At least you can't take possession right away. I wonder how many guys have bought airline tickets to go see an ex in another state while buzzed.

It seems like SUI is something to watch for when it comes to wine consumption as a typical evening can go: 1) open a bottle of wine for dinner, 2) have another glass after dinner, 3) have another glass while surfing on the computer. Then, #4, wake up the next day wondering why the hell you ordered snorkeling equipment--until you see the email from American Airlines confirming your flight to St. Croix. Well, it sounded like a good idea at the time.
Oh, oh, tomorrow they're going to regret
 those $250 boots

So when you're drinking hand over your keys and your wallet. Of course, many online retailers have already stored your credit card number. It's not like they're not aware that many people shop while inebriated.

Maybe we should install a breathalyzer on our computers that won't let a purchase be made if you blow over a .05.