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Friday, April 15, 2016

How to pick a wine

You're cruising a wine shop looking for a bottle for tonight. How the hell do you choose from the hundreds available?

First step in elimination--the wine is no good if:
Should be easy to tell which is better
One has an etched label, a wax seal, 
and is from Napa!

  • It's on the bottom shelf
  • It costs less than $12
  • It has a screw cap
On closer inspection--the wine is no good if:
  • It's a cheap-looking, smooth paper label 
  • It's from a region you can't pronounce
  • It's from somewhere that you know can't make wine (Idaho, Ohio, etc.)
  • There's dust on the bottle meaning no one else wants it either 
  • The bottom of the bottle is flat and doesn't have a punt (if it's in a box there is no punt so these are automatically knocked out of contention)
So now that we've eliminated over half the wines what should we look for?
  • If the bottle is standing in the window in full daylight the store is trying to make it easy for you to find the best
  • Stick to Bordeaux and Napa and you can't go wrong
  • Look for a classy label -- something silk screened or etched instead of paper
  • Find something with over 14% alcohol to get your money's worth
  • Check the store's wine review cuz you know they'll be honest
Happy wine shopping   :)