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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Wine Tasting Tip #3 - To Buy or Not to Buy

You're out wine tasting and paying a nominal fee at each winery to do so. If you are looking at this as a shopping trip then how do you decide what and when to buy? The obvious part of this is, do you like the wine and do you consider it affordable? A caveat, late in the day after a few winery stops what you think you like and think you can afford loosens up. 

Is it something you can't find at home? If the wine is in your local grocery don't bother. If you get your tasting fee back when buying then that lowers your purchase price. Is it a wine you will use? For instance, people buy dessert wines and never find the right occasion to use them at home. Buy wines you know you'll drink!

The previous tips you may have heard before, but maybe not this one: 

On the second and third sip of the wine does it seem to get better or worse? If it's getting better then it's probably a wine you'll really enjoy having a glass or two of later. There's a style of wine that for me tastes great on the first sip, but is boring before the end of the first glass. These are the higher alcohol jammy reds and the over-oaked Chardonnays. You may like these wines just fine, but this is a lesson in my personal tastes I've learned over time. As you drink a glass of wine your tastes adjust to flavors and aromas quickly, sometimes for the better, sometimes not.