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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Wine Tasting Tip #4 - Showing up with a group

A series of tips when visiting winery tasting rooms.

You are heading out for some tasting with a group of folks. Even if you are heading to a larger winery that's open to the public does this mean it's okay to just show up without advance notice?

Maybe. It depends on the size of the group and it depends on the winery. Always check with the winery first. The info is probably on their web site. It often goes something like, "Groups of six or more require an advance reservation" or "We cannot accommodate groups over eight people."

Why? Space and staffing concerns. Your group may not fit at the bar. There may not be adequate tasting room staff to give you and everyone else good service.

You wouldn't show up at a restaurant with a group unannounced (I hope). It's the same with a winery. When in doubt (about your group, dog, or picnic lunch) call ahead! Hint: You're more likely to be accommodated at 1 pm on a Wednesday than 3 pm on Saturday.