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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Sonoma County is One of the Best Places to Live

But don't tell anybody as we'd like to keep it a secret. Certainly don't need thousands more to find out and move in! So just between you and me Sonoma County is one of the top places to live because:

It's a Mediterranean climate meaning summers are dry and warm with winters being cool and sometimes wet. The humidity is low. Even in warm weather the nights cool off. Actually, it's usually downright chilly at night--makes for great sleeping and, more importantly, great wine grapes. There's not much of a chance than rain will ruin any plans for six months of the year.
"Nature's air-conditioner," cool air off the Pacific

Forests, vineyards, hills, mountains, rivers, oceans, spring flowers starting in February, autumn color in the vineyards.

Driving Roads
If you want straight, flat roads this isn't the place for you. I've occasionally heard a visitor complain about the roads are all up-and-down and left-then-right.

There's something good about being near the salt spray and the sound of waves.

There's a great diversity of people to keep things interesting. Yes, there are rich guys in the wine biz, but there's also the field hands, multi-generation dairy farmers, high-tech folks, and a gay pride weekend.
I suppose people are generally nice because so many are in hospitality.
A few of our grape growers
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There are over two dozen craft breweries in the county at last count making Sonoma County a beer mecca, also. Hard cider is getting to be a thing.
One of the top beers in the country

Well, you knew I'd get here. It's more than just a bunch of wineries. It's about having quality wine always available. It's about great wine events. But yeah, spending a day exploring new wineries or old favs is always fun.
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