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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

2016 Wine Sales

A summary of the highlights of U.S. wine sales for 2016, mostly from

Biggest growth in sales

Red blends are showing the biggest growth of any wine in retail stores. The segment showing the best increase is the $8-11 range. Sauvignon Blanc is second in growth.

Biggest growth of a varietal

Cabernet Franc has shown the biggest growth in winery direct-to-consumer sales. Red blends are second, Pinot Noir is third. Merlot is still losing ground.

Fastest growing imports

After years of being beat down by New World sources like Chile and Australia, France is seeing large growth in sales in retail outlets.

Fastest growing U.S. market

Now that Pennsylvania has joined the 20th century in how they distribute alcohol it is the fastest growing direct-to-consumer market.

Fastest growing price segment

You can tell the economy is in high gear as the biggest growth for winery direct-to-consumer shipments is in the $50-60 range followed by the $100-150 range!


Mostly it's been about the big boys, such as Gallo, Kendall Jackson, and Constellation Brands buying and occasionally selling.